«  Youssef, Mariam et Yeshua, demandeurs d'asile »

« Youssef,Mariam and Yesuha, asylum seekers »

This text was commissionned by Unesco to Ricardo Montserrat for the celebration of the « Children's Rights year »  in1992.
The values of Respect, Solidarity, Equal opportunities for everyone were affirmed by Unesco .
Fundamental for me too , these values find an echo in my attachment to « Roots ,Human being » (generally speaking ).
I often introduce myself as the grand-son of a sheperd from Lubéron!
I couldn't but be moved by this allegorical text by Ricardo Montserrat whose aim could be sumed up as such:
-Shed light on the birth of a child, whoever he is, but who transforms a people's life if he is the Son of God or a family's life , either poor or rich,
Taking support on universal Values such as « elements » (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) Ricardo Montserrat proposes us scenes  easily transferable for everybody in an open, laical and ecumenical dimension.
The underlying values described are those which at any time, influence Life, Living in society generating the « Living together Value », making us richer from our differences.


Youssef, Mariam and Yesuah

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Premiere festival de Musique Sacrée de Perpignan 2016

Drama classes, choirs, orchestra : « Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional Perpignan Méditerranée »
Conductor, Daniel Tosi
Stage-manager, Christophe Caustier Choirmaster, Aline Rico