Commissioned by the Dominicans of Haute Alsace

Inspector for the artistic creation and teaching, Gerard Garcin took interest in the brass band tradition. During the residency at the Haute Alsace Dominicans the possibility to write for a brass band was a dreamed opportunity.
As he normally does when creating for amateur performers, Gerard Garcin enjoys finding inspiration from the local heritage. In particular he took an interest in Alsatian, a language he knew nothing about.
After having studied the works of Alsatian poets and writers, and in agreement with the Riespach brass band, he chose Nathan Katz' poems, famous Alsatian poet originally from the south of Alsace (Sundgau).
These poems tell us about the winter evenings, the autumns fire, the miracle of spring, the villages of Sundgau in summer... One could allude to a new version of the four seasons.

All the performers of the brass band have a fundamental role in this piece which aim was the search of sonic landscapes supporting and enhancing what Nathan Katz tells us.