Le vieux bateau, le vieux camion
"The old boat, the old truck"


For flute, accordion and slide show
Commissioned by the XV international festival for Accordion and culture.

Premiered at Digne's Arts Centre, 22nd October 1995

Cecilia Negro, accordion, Gerard Garcin, flutes, Yvonne Quinzii, slide show.

The discovery of a stranded, abandoned ship while on a stroll in Crete is at the origin of this trio.

bateau  camion

Plot: in the midst of nature in spring, this old boat, this old truck, attacked by rust and time as if nature wanted to assimiliate them to its landscape.

Carried away by over exposed images in a warm light, Gerard Garcin and Yvonne Quinzii let themselves dream: the boat's hull with its varied hues of rust, thistles taking over the cabin, the old truck's engine...

It is a trio: the slides are fading into one another, in real time and in reaction to the music written for the flute and accordion.

The glittering resulting from superimposing images onto the third image are technics that are transposed onto the musical writting.

This way, the sonic landscape can be the interpreted landscape, lived and evolving.